So called love

Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

So this is love living within your walls the walls you created for me
Doing what you say doing what I’m told doing all the tinges you want me to
Living my life for you love is for pleasing you

Love love I feel love for me
Love love so called love for me
So called love to you is not even close to love for me
Love takes two and makes us one
Love should be our way in life
Help each other fulfill our dreams

When I’m alone are you there for me To comfort me and help me out
Do you care when I am sad will you hold me tight
What am I to you am I just a find or am I you only love

When love is just a word it don’t mean shit
When love is an act it will change you world
when you act in love it’s not for you
while love in your mind is only for you
Love cant be bought and comes with no bills
Love or hate is what we choose
Love it comes and love it goes
Is love a word within you mind
Is love an act from your heart
Don’t say you love me with your mouth
Say you love me with your acts

So let us love living without the walls The walls your breaking with me
Doing what we like doing what we love doing all the things we love to do
Living our lives for us love is for pleasing us

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