We are, we live, we die, we were

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    Here we are in this world of ours we live our lives for our self
    Not shading a bought at all for the generation to come from us
    Here we are in this world of ours we live our lives for the day
    Not shading a bought at all for the world soon gone away

    We are we live we die we were a part of a fading world
    We are we live we die we were a part of this so called life

    Think of the future now do we live our live for the world
    Do we kill each other destroy our self do we hate it all do we love at all
    When I think of it I have my doubts to politicians we are just a vote
    Our opinions well who gives a fuck it’s our life we must live it for the day

    Hate to love

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    Mommy is out and on me your anger now I feel I your love now as my face it hits the floor How can a child of six ever please your needs How can a father have sex with his only child How could you do this you taken what once was mine My feelings my love my life I’m now left with hate

    Every day wishing you were dead Hating you for what you did to me How can I ever forgive Lonely nights fucking my ass Made me suck your fuckin dick Then you beat me up If I’m hanging from a robe If I cut my wrist If you feel a bullet true your head If you feel a knife in you back You should know I fuckin hate you Oh God I wish you were dead

    Every night I lie awake now in fear of you Always in fear of that you might enter in Many night I wake from screams now of my mother As you you beat her for not buying you some beer How can you blame us for fuckin hating you Some night when you come I’ll fuckin cut your throat

    Me inside

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    Every day I live my life just the way you want me
    But still your there still your there breathing down my neck
    There you are in my way trying to change
    Cant you see what you do is making my decision
    What I am inside is not what you made me
    Every day my hate grows now I fuckin hate you

    Try to make me be like you, Try to make me walk like you,
    Try to make me talk like you, Try to make me think like you
    Try to make me act like you Try to make me follow you

    Try to make me Feel like you, Try to make me love like you

    Try to make me live like you, Try to make me be you
    Now I’m trying fuckin hard not to fuckin hate you

    Don’t you fuck with me I will never fuck with you
    Don’t try to change me I’ve never tried to change you
    Cant you see what I am inside is not even close to you
    Don’t you ever look down on me cause of my difference from you

    Now I’m breaking out I’m braking down your walls
    I’m moving on I’m moving out I’ve got to live my life
    Here is my face take a look you’ll never see again
    Here is a picture of a youth of a youth destroyed
    For you controlling me I can not forgive
    Can you fucking blame me for fuckin hating you

    Alice’s other neighbor

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    Jim and I have been friends for 15 years
    But I’m sick and tired of him talking about Alice all the fuckin time
    Now 24 years have gone and he’s still in love with that fucking bitch
    Pull yourself together and ask her fuckin out I know she’ll say no fuckin way you fuckin jerk
    I know She wouldn’t give a fuckin shit if you died or gave your life for her
    She told me she hates your fuckin guts

    Jim loves Alice she hates his fuckin guts

    Alice is now gone and I’ll never get used not living next door to Alice
    Finally there is peace no fuckin bitch around
    Except from listening to Jim fuckin suicidal speech now going trough his time of depression
    If he does not fuckin shut up I might kill him
    Why did he not fuckin marry her or fuckin move with her
    I now hate your fuckin guts

    Jim loves Alice she hates his fuckin guts


    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    Who is insane is it me or maybe it is just you when I look within myself I see we’re just as crazy we’re not different in any way we’re just the same when I look around I see a world gone mad we’re all insane we kill each other and destroy our self can’t you see that your Insane too

    Welcome to a world insane Where we drown our self in shit Killing the once who stand in our way Escaping our pain within drugs Solving our problems with hate VIOLENCE Finding no meaning with our life Insanity has taken control we’re insane

    Are we insane it makes me wonder are we insane

    Welcome to our world of science Where we make you live forever Planting chips inside your brain Animals tested for you research Making humans laboratory rats Cloning cats & dogs making human organs Planting virus on a mouse Playing Gods I know we’re INSANE

    Do you love me

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    When you look at me do you see someone that’s sick someone who’s fucked up someone who’s insane
    Then you look again or maybe take a look at your self
    Maybe I’m lonely and need someone to talk to maybe I need a friend or someone to love me
    Someone to help me someone there for me someone who cares someone who doesn’t beat me
    Someone who accepts me someone to believe in me
    Maybe I’m fucked up and maybe I’m insane don’t blame it all on me cause I live in your world too
    so maybe that’s why I’m fucked up

    Do you love me do you even care
    Would you give a shit if I took my life today

    I’m sick of it and I’m sick of my life I’m sick of you looking down on me
    Sick of you passing me by in disgrace today I’m taking my life and I’m taking you’re too
    And I’ll put an end to it all all our hate the pain and misery and loneliness of ours
    And then at our funeral they’ll talk bad of me they’ll praise you and say that your so sweet
    Well they’re fuckin blind and can not see the truth that your to blame for me being insane

    Here I am at the end of my life I’m sick of it I’ll end it now
    My father hates me and my mother doesn’t care everyone at school is looking down on me
    I’m taking my fathers gun to school and there I will kill them all

    So called love

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    So this is love living within your walls the walls you created for me
    Doing what you say doing what I’m told doing all the tinges you want me to
    Living my life for you love is for pleasing you

    Love love I feel love for me
    Love love so called love for me
    So called love to you is not even close to love for me
    Love takes two and makes us one
    Love should be our way in life
    Help each other fulfill our dreams

    When I’m alone are you there for me To comfort me and help me out
    Do you care when I am sad will you hold me tight
    What am I to you am I just a find or am I you only love

    When love is just a word it don’t mean shit
    When love is an act it will change you world
    when you act in love it’s not for you
    while love in your mind is only for you
    Love cant be bought and comes with no bills
    Love or hate is what we choose
    Love it comes and love it goes
    Is love a word within you mind
    Is love an act from your heart
    Don’t say you love me with your mouth
    Say you love me with your acts

    So let us love living without the walls The walls your breaking with me
    Doing what we like doing what we love doing all the things we love to do
    Living our lives for us love is for pleasing us

    Joy why

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    Joy came by love Joy came with happiness
    Joy brought us hope Joy was to be our child
    “Joy was the future for us Joy was what we were longing for
    Joy where are you now Are you in heaven or in hell”X2

    Why did she have to die
    Why did she not get a chance
    Why can’t she grow up with us
    Why was she taken away
    Why can’t she be with us
    Why why someone tell me why
    Why she had to die

    Joy killed all our love Joy brought us sadness
    Joy crushed all our hope Joy is our dead born child
    “Will we ever love again Will I ever get her of my mind
    Will I ever live again Will I ever be me again”X2

    No life

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    July was a girl Daughter of a rich man A respected milliner who had his own business A castle in the country Ferrari to drive in Married to his fifth wife she was only 20 Lovers in the city golf club every Sunday Late nights at the office business trips every week July sees your love only in her bank account Never there for her never there to help her July’s seeking love finding it within drugs July’s now sinking deep into depression.

    Why cant you tell her that you care Why cant you tell her that you love her Why cant you tell her that you need her Why cant you tell her that your there What can she be with a fucked up life What can she be with fucked up parents What can she be with a fucked us dad What can she be in a fucked up world.

    Jacob was a boy son of a poor man A lovely alcoholic that really did love him A flat in the slum taking bus to work Divorced from his wife she couldn’t take him Late nights at bars but never late for work Jacob sees your love finding it within you Always there for him always there to help him Jacob showing love the reflection of you love Jacob is now helping others through depression.

    Forever Dust

    Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

    In a time I am and in a time I’m not
    to be me to be you is up to us
    the time I’m here I must spend alive
    The time we have must be for us
    or be slaves to the barriers of others thoughts of us
    spent our time pleasing others or the picture to be the perfect Mr.Niceguy

    Circling dust