Go Play In The Sun

Gloria GaitherRuss TaffJákup Zachariassen
Orð: Gloria Gaither og Russ Taff
Lag: Jákup Zachariassen

I was walking and praying for a glimpse of the Lord
Just to know He was walking with me
The past I’d confessed; I’d given my heart
But the memories won’t let me be
Then in my mind’s eye an image appeared of
A tortured man nailed to a tree
His face hid by hair soaked with His blood
Lifted up and I saw, it was me

You’ve been there, you’ve done that
So let yourself go all is paid for and done.
The phantoms that haunt you are under the blood
Go play like a child in the sun
Go, child, and play in the sun

The next thing I saw was a garden at dawn
The sun peeping over the hill
What looked like a woman, her face in her hands
Was weeping like hope had been killed
Then something demanded I look at the light
A voice said, “Come trade in your fear”
For a brand new beginning like you were just born
Go dance, for there is no death here

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