Hate to love

Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

Mommy is out and on me your anger now I feel I your love now as my face it hits the floor How can a child of six ever please your needs How can a father have sex with his only child How could you do this you taken what once was mine My feelings my love my life I’m now left with hate

Every day wishing you were dead Hating you for what you did to me How can I ever forgive Lonely nights fucking my ass Made me suck your fuckin dick Then you beat me up If I’m hanging from a robe If I cut my wrist If you feel a bullet true your head If you feel a knife in you back You should know I fuckin hate you Oh God I wish you were dead

Every night I lie awake now in fear of you Always in fear of that you might enter in Many night I wake from screams now of my mother As you you beat her for not buying you some beer How can you blame us for fuckin hating you Some night when you come I’ll fuckin cut your throat

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