Óli PoulsenJákup Zachariassen
Orð: Óli Poulsen
Lag: Jákup Zachariassen

I see lonely children — roaming in the streets
Hungry eyes — can’t find a thing to eat
Dirty hands — reaching out for someone to hold
Where is there to go — no one seems to know
Ain’t got no home

I hear angry voices through someone’s open door
A young couple fighting — like so many times before
And I think to myself: “Oh it’s a world of difference”
What will the answer be — it’s not in you and me
So I look to

Heaven — It’s a Hand To Hold
Heaven — No One’s Left Out in The Cold
Heaven — It’s the Answer to
Heaven — Every Question asked by me and you
Through glass I see — But then I’ll be
Face to face

I’ve heard for every prayer — there’s a star in the sky
For every broken promise — there’s someone asking why
In every cheering crowd — someone is all alone
I’m Reaching for the sky — I hold my Hopes High
Because in

Heaven — I feel no shame
Heaven — It’s where Everyone’s the same
Heaven — No Degrading frown
Heaven — It Will Never Let You Down
Through glass I see — But then I’ll be
Face to face

There’s An old lady — kneeling by a grave
There’s tears in her eyes — she’s trying to be brave
Lays down some flowers — and whispers to herself:
“I’m going home”
To the ones I love — my home is up above
I’m bound for

Heaven — To It’s a Warm Embrace
Heaven I’ll see God’s Amazing Grace
Heaven — I’ll see No Fear
Heaven — And God himself will wipe off every tear
Through glass I see — But then I’ll be
In Heaven

Heaven — It’s A Mystery
Heaven — But It’s My Reality
Heaven — I want to see you there
Heaven — I really want to see you there
Through glass I see — But then I’ll be
Face to face

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