I carry with me great dreams

Orð og lag: Steintór Rasmussen
Týtt til enskt: Lena Anderssen
Føroysk útgáva

I carry with me great dreams
Of the world out there
I thank you for the good life
I’ve been given here
Like sisters and brothers
Oh so dear to me
Are these eighteen islands
My treasures in the sea

They’re shouting,
“Come, come, come,
To the mountains and the fjords!”
Hear birds singing stories of life here on earth
Rivers run freely and flowers they bloom
Filling my heart with a richness so true

My friend, look at this country, do you see what I see?
Oh, if I owned the whole world the dearest still would be
The love I have inside me, the gifts I have received
And I can tell by your eyes that you feel just like me

You’re saying,
“Come, come, come,
Let’s be on our way”
Life’s a gift we’re given, we have this day today
Rising from the ocean, this country’s in our hands
These are Faroe Islands, our free and sacred land

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