In the high and heavenly places

Orð: Petur William Háberg
Lag: Jens Guttesen
Týtt til enskt: Maurice Cox
Upprunaheiti: Inn í høgu himmalhøll
Føroysk útgáva

1. In the high and heavenly places,
on the one Eternal throne
Reigns our God, the Lord of Glory,
as Isaiah once was shown.
As His train fills all the temple
we can hear the seraphim
Crying, Holy, Holy, Holy,
Glory only be to Him.

2. Then the things around us tremble
as we hear Jehovah say:
“Who will go and represent Me
to the nations of this day?”
And there burns a holy fire
with a sin destroying glow,
And the lips are purged and answer:
“Here am I, Lord, I will go”.

3. Yes, our Lord is now exalted,
and the call comes to His own:
Who will take the glorious message
where the Gospel is not known?
Are you willing? Are you ready?
Can you claim His will to know?
Will you answer with Isaiah –
“Here am I, Lord, I will go”?

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