Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

Who is insane is it me or maybe it is just you when I look within myself I see we’re just as crazy we’re not different in any way we’re just the same when I look around I see a world gone mad we’re all insane we kill each other and destroy our self can’t you see that your Insane too

Welcome to a world insane Where we drown our self in shit Killing the once who stand in our way Escaping our pain within drugs Solving our problems with hate VIOLENCE Finding no meaning with our life Insanity has taken control we’re insane

Are we insane it makes me wonder are we insane

Welcome to our world of science Where we make you live forever Planting chips inside your brain Animals tested for you research Making humans laboratory rats Cloning cats & dogs making human organs Planting virus on a mouse Playing Gods I know we’re INSANE

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