Do you love me

Orð og lag: Gulli Johansen

When you look at me do you see someone that’s sick someone who’s fucked up someone who’s insane
Then you look again or maybe take a look at your self
Maybe I’m lonely and need someone to talk to maybe I need a friend or someone to love me
Someone to help me someone there for me someone who cares someone who doesn’t beat me
Someone who accepts me someone to believe in me
Maybe I’m fucked up and maybe I’m insane don’t blame it all on me cause I live in your world too
so maybe that’s why I’m fucked up

Do you love me do you even care
Would you give a shit if I took my life today

I’m sick of it and I’m sick of my life I’m sick of you looking down on me
Sick of you passing me by in disgrace today I’m taking my life and I’m taking you’re too
And I’ll put an end to it all all our hate the pain and misery and loneliness of ours
And then at our funeral they’ll talk bad of me they’ll praise you and say that your so sweet
Well they’re fuckin blind and can not see the truth that your to blame for me being insane

Here I am at the end of my life I’m sick of it I’ll end it now
My father hates me and my mother doesn’t care everyone at school is looking down on me
I’m taking my fathers gun to school and there I will kill them all

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