Mamma, tell me what is wrong

Orð: Steintór Rasmussen og Terji Rasmussen
Lag: Terji Rasmussen
Týtt til enskt: Denise Anderson
Føroysk útgáva

Mamma, tell me what is wrong
and why are you so sad
Mamma, is it work again
that´s making you feel bad
Mamma, is there something I can help you with
or should I rather let you be
is there trouble perhaps with me?

Mamma, it´s evening now
and peace is all around
Mamma, from the window you can see
a stirring in the town
Mamma, a cup of coffee´s what we need
and I can light your candle too
you ought to know how much I love you

Mamma, now it´s spring again
with flow´rs where´er you see
Mamma, are you thinking of those years
when you were young like me
Mamma, I know I´m always asking these things
but, now I´ll quit nagging you
I know quite well that you love me too

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