Orð og lag: Terji Rasmussen
Týtt til enskt: Denise Anderson
Føroysk útgáva

I´m just a number
taking a number
my life is a number
but where´s some little number
who could promise me a number

No matter where I be
I never can travel free
can´t go nowhere without your eyes on me
you ask me who I am
and so I answer loud and clear
you just remind me it´s my number you use here

I´m just a number…

Your true identity
is nothing but history
now you´re just a number among the crowd
show your ID, show your card
all the rest they disregard
whoever you think you are there´s no one else who cares

I´m just a number…

Now it´s summer
and it´s a bummer
my debts encumber
cashiers are getting dumber
they just won´t accept my number

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