Promises to break

Martin Joensen
Orð og lag: Martin Joensen

He´s standing on the porch watching her footprints in the snow.
Doesn´t seem surprised that she made up her mind to go.
Empty bottles, empty words was more than she could take,
now he´s run out of promises to break.

Never thought he´d feel this lonely, never thought he´d pray,
never thought he´d get down on his knees to beg her stay…
In his mind he hears her cry – what difference does it make?
you´re run out of promises to break.

Pride has brought him to the ground so many times before.
And each time it crushed her heart to watch him hit the floor.
He thinks of all the lonely nights he´s made her stay awake,
waiting for his promises to break.

Does he see before him her bright smile and sparkling eyes,
when love was new and reaching for the skies?
They built their home on care and trust here on the edge of town,
he promised that he´d never let her down… he let her down.

See the snowflakes gently falling on the frozen ground
covering her footprints up without the slightest sound.
Does he see the setting sun´s reflection in the lake,
while he´s run out of promises to break.

Now he finds a number on a torn and faded note
that one dark night in a bar a guardian angel wrote.
He finds the phone and calls the helpline as his fingers shake,
he´s run out of promises to break…

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