The world is struggling with war and hunger

Orð: Heri Árnason Simonsen
Viðmerking: Yrktur 16. juni 2014 í samband við, at Sea Shepherd vitjar í Føroyum.

1. The world is struggling with war and hunger.
Our existense is hit by many a warmonger.
Our nature is poluted by man.
People try to survive as best as they can.
But no one cares about what we inhale.
The only vital thing is to save a whale.

Niðurlag: Don´t you see the terrible things?
Not a single city bell rings.
The whale gets all the concern.
Man will not ever learn,
what is proper and right,
and stand up and fight.
Against poverty and poluttion there is no outreach.
It only matters to stop a whale from stranding on a beach.

2. People in big citys are alone and dejected.
Their call for any help is totally rejected.
Many die in a nature disaster.
The problems just get bigger and vaster.
Yet the cityfolks all just play silly,
and are only caring about freeing “Willy”.

3. Many poor people are short of any food.
Yet only whales disturb peoples mood.
It is a crime to eat blubber,
It is more proper to steal and robber´.
What can make these folk angry and pale?
Only a stranding or a killing of a whale.

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